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What is Your Competitive Edge?


Habitat Abstract’s Clear and Close Program is innovating the way firms handle real estate closings.

For years, the traditional title company thinking has been that all title companies provide the same service leading most folks to believe that it didn’t matter what company they used as long as they used a title company.  In fact, most firms have used the same title company for years, without researching the marketplace for what other companies might have to offer.  Relying on the same service, the same results and the same pricing, year over year.

But there is something new in Title Insurance.  HABITAT ABSTRACT has brought an innovative way to close title to the real estate market, making closing more convenient for practitioners, beneficial to realtors and incredibly helpful and transparent to the parties to every transaction. 

HABITAT ABSTRACT’S unique title closing process centers around the “Clear and Close Program” offered only to HABITAT ABSTRACT clients.  

What is Clear and Close? Simply put, it is the easiest, least costly and most convenient way to close title.  There is no comparison between Habitat Abstract and traditional title companies. 

HABITAT ABSTRACT is the only title company that offers the innovative CLEAR AND CLOSE PROGRAM.  Enrollment in Clear and Close gives each stakeholder to a transaction access to Habitat Abstract’s Track with Ease Software.  With the click of a button, practitioners can order title from Habitat Abstract, and the software will create a transaction folder for each individual transaction right on your dashboard.  

Eliminate scanning your inbox for old emails, searching for files and trying to remember what the status is of each transaction. 

“Habitat Abstract helped our office streamline our title clearance process.  Now every transaction is in one place.  We can find out the status of title clearance with the click of a button.” 

Once the transaction folder is created, every interested party to the transaction is invited to view the information on the sale allowing law firms to save hours fielding calls from brokers, clients and other parties, all looking for the same information.  

Most title companies perform title searches and find the issues that are preventing the transaction from moving forward to closing.  Once the problems are identified, law firms are tasked with resolving each issue identified on the title search.  This could take hours of non billable time away from other work and giving other clients the attention they are looking for.  

Habitat Abstract clears the title for each transaction.  No extra fees or charges, just excellent customer service.  

Imagine the time, aggravation and effort saved by having each transaction in one place, while Habitat Abstract resolves each and every title issue while providing 24/7, real-time updates on the status of title to each party to a transaction.  

Here are some of the questions Habitat Abstract hears from potential clients. 

Q: There must be extra fees for Habitat Abstract to clear title problems for my office.

A: No extra fees here.  Clearing title for you is just part of the benefit of the Clear and Close Program. 

Q: Is there a charge for using Habitat Abstract’s software to house all of my transactions in one place? 

A: Habitat Abstract charges the end user of its software nothing for storing, managing and using the software. 

Q: Is the title insurance issued by Habitat Abstract more expensive than other title companies? 

A: Habitat Abstract charges the same rates as “traditional title companies.” 

Q: How does a law firm make more money by using Habitat Abstract?

A: There are a few ways our clients save money by using Clear and Close.  Legal fees, like commission fees, are usually flat fees regardless of how complicated or difficult the transaction is to close.  Since Habitat Abstract clears title and manages the requests for status updates, law firms save time on each transaction.  Second, clients who have used Habitat Abstract report that their clients were more satisfied and their brokers more likely to refer business because of the ease of getting real time information.  
To learn more about Habitat Abstract’s Clear to Close Program, contact us.