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The Service Makes Habitat Different

An interview with Diana Vargas, Esq., a Habitat Abstract Client

Real Estate Attorney, Diana Vargas, sat down with Habitat Abstract recently to talk about her practice and how working with Habitat Abstract has made a big difference in how she manages her day to day operations.  

A graduate of St. John’s School of Law, Diana brings almost a decade of experience to her law firm, which she founded in 2013.   Focusing mainly on real estate matters and being selective about her cases, Diana prides herself in offering her clients a personalized experience with a client centric approach.  

“The process of buying a home or property can be exciting and confusing. My  practice aims at simplifying the experience; insuring the client is understanding the process and comfortable every step of their way to achieving the American Dream of home / property ownership.”

Diana Vargas, Esq.

With her highly customized approach to each client’s real estate transaction, Diana has built a niche by representing many first time home buyers, specifically on Long Island and in Queens.  She finds that working with first time home buyers often involves being extra empathetic and considerate of the client’s needs.  From explaining the process to the client to answering their questions and calls, new buyers need that concierge level of service. 

 “Sale of a property often signifies transition and change. In these moments, knowing you are represented by an experienced law firm, brings peace of mind amidst the chaos of a big move.”

Diana has found that working with Habitat Abstract gives her a partner in every transaction who believes that each client should be treated like they are special.  Habitat Abstract does business the way Diana does.  Habitat Abstract puts the client first and delivers services quickly, cleanly and with care and commitment to getting the job done right. 

“Habitat Abstract’s ability to bring transactions to closing in record time is astonishing.” says Vargas.  “I’ve never worked with a title company that took care of every detail like Habitat Abstract does.”

Vargas says she first gave Habitat Abstract a try when she found out how much experience stood behind the company.  “I worked for many years with the founders of the company.  I knew they practiced like I did, so I requested title from the company.”   Even though its a fairly new endeavor, Habitat Abstract was created by decades of real estate transactional experience, working with and serving the real estate community and understanding what client’s really need and want. Habitat’s vision is to create a title service that takes care of problems and really adds value to the services it provides to it’s clients. Improved and transparent communication, technological advancement and closing management software coupled with personalized, concierge level service, Habitat knows exactly what I need as a busy solo practitioner. Vargas hasn’t turned back and says she will only work with Habitat Abstract from now on with all of her real estate transactions. 

Working with Habitat she says is like having an extra employee working in my office, for free! 

What solo practitioner wouldn’t want that?  

If you are looking for an experienced and caring real estate professional for your next transaction, you can learn more about at Diana Vargas, Esq. or by calling her directly at 917-882-1850.