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 Jess Calevro, Habitat Abstract

Meet Jess Calevro

Your Habitat Abstract/Clear and Close Concierge

What Is A Title Concierge?

A little less than a year ago, Jessica Calevro, joined the Habitat Abstract team and she never looked back.  A native of Maumee Ohio (just outside of Toledo, in case you were wondering,) Jess came to Habitat armed with over 30 years of customer service experience in the banking industry and a passion for helping people. 

As the official Concierge of Habitat’s one of a kind Clear and Close program, Jess brings her passion for helping people and making their jobs easier to her role at Habitat.  “As a bank manager, says Calevro, I have worked with so many clients who were so stressed out and worried about their real estate transactions that they couldn’t enjoy the experience of buying a new home or moving to a new place.”  Habitat Abstract and it’s Clear and Close Program is changing all of that. 

Habitat Abstract – Built on A Strong Foundation

Founded with over fifty years of real estate and title insurance experience behind it, Habitat Abstract is rethinking the transaction closing experience.  The creation of Habitat’s proprietary Clear and Close Program is just the beginning of providing Habitat clients with a more seamless closing process.  

Free enrollment in the Clear and Close Program, provides Habitat clients with access to Habitat’s closing management software, 24/7 communication, access to an organizational dashboard offering a transparent “birds eye” view of the entire closing process and an extra set of hands, helping move transactions to closing with less stress, fewer phone calls and improved productivity.  

The drive behind Habitat Abstract and it’s Clear and Close Program is a passion to make the closing process more collaborative, more communicative and less stressful, not only for Habitat’s attorney clients but for every participant in the transaction.  “Everyone has access to our closing management software, from the attorneys to the realtors to the loan originators, says Jess.”   Clear and Close makes it simple to communicate with everyone on one single platform, efficiently and effectively.  

Habitat’s Concierge Level Customer Service

“The concierge level customer service is what sets Habitat Abstract apart.  Years of working in customer service and a love of the real estate industry showed Calevro first hand, what would really make a huge difference in easing the challenges of closing on a transaction.”  “It’s my job, says Jess, to help do all the tedious things that nobody wants to do because there are always more important things to get done.”  Each day, Jess opens her email and checks to see whether there are any emergent issues that have to be solved.  Then she turns to her spreadsheets and closing dashboard and starts moving closings forward.  

“Working with Habitat is like giving our attorney clients a “free employee” for the duration of the transaction, she says.”  “My job goes beyond reminding people what needs to be done and keeping a checklist of what remains outstanding to close.  My job is to actually resolve those issues and move the transaction toward closing.” 

“I love the real estate industry and I love helping people, ” says Jess.”  That passion stems from her love of learning the stories behind the homes and families that are the subject of each closing transaction.  “I find it so fascinating to learn the origin of a home, envisioning who might have lived there before and learning about the families buying and selling the homes.”  “Every closing has a real life story behind it.  Acting as a closing concierge helps me get to know those stories and find new and unique ways to be helpful.”  

Habitat Success Stories

Recently, Habitat Abstract worked on a closing where the seller of the property had to fly out of the country to help her father, who had become very ill.  “She had so much on her plate with her dad being ill that checking all of the closing boxes was one more thing she didn’t need to deal with.”  Says Jess.  “That is exactly where our concierge services come in.  I was able to get on the phone and coordinate all of the documents and other bits and pieces that needed to be resolved and move that transaction to closing, quickly and smoothly.  Our client was able to focus on her family, which is what really matters.”  

Whether the task is resolving judgements, clearing issues, getting documents or explaining the closing process, Habitat’s concierge is available to help.  

Your Team’s Closing Quarterback

Calvaro describes herself as the quarterback for each transaction.  “My job, everyday, is to move those closings into the end zone for our clients.”  The Clear and Close Program was designed with the needs of the parties to any transaction in mind.  The program addresses the needs of the attorney by taking care of the daily tasks that closing a transaction takes.  It alleviates the stress on the buyer and seller by helping them work through the sometimes tedious process of checking all the closing boxes and it helps put realtor’s minds at ease, because they have that transparent view of the transaction progress. 

The best part of my job, says Jess, is that I allow buyers and sellers to enjoy the experience of buying a new home or moving to a new place.  I also get to help attorneys make their days easier and help them grow their businesses.  Let’s face it, she says, if an attorney has an extra set of hands, especially hands that don’t cost anything extra, they can handle more matters and have happier clients making more referrals.  It’s that simple.  

To Habitat, these aren’t just transactions.  These transactions are the stories of people’s lives.  This is not just a transaction, this isn’t just your basic title company.  There is passion, drive and desire to offer a higher level of customer service through the concierge model.  We want to make this transaction awesome, not just for the attorneys but also for the buyer and seller. 

Let them enjoy the transaction, the buying and selling, the excitement of a new home, and let us handle the details.  

Let Habitat Abstract handle your next transaction and find out why Habitat Abstract is changing the title insurance conversation.