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Habitat Abstract’s Clear and Close Program:
A Better Way to Order Title

Resolving title exceptions can be the most time-consuming and stressful part of handling real estate transactions, often placing stress on office staff and clients to produce documentation and generating phone calls to check on status. Fortunately, there’s a better way to handle real estate transactions.

Save Time and Reduce Stress with Clear and Close

Change the way you handle real estate closings. Habitat Abstract’s Clear and Close program provides seamless, stress-free and faster closings. We clear title issues for you and our proprietary software, Track with Ease, facilitates communications with all parties, further enhancing efficiency and communication with clients and other parties. And happy clients lead to more referrals. The result: A more efficient, more profitable real estate practice.

Clear and Close program and Track with Ease software features:

  • Convenient, secure document storage allowing you to access and manage all of your Habitat Abstract closings in one dashboard.
  • With our VIP concierge service, you will always have direct access to experienced title examiners dedicated to your files, solving and resolving title exceptions, moving your file along seamlessly. Leverage our expertise to build upon yours.
  • Resolution of the schedule B title exceptions and clearance of all open title issues by Habitat Abstract. Not YOUR staff, the clearance will be by OUR staff. We handle all of the title clearance and closing issues. We do the work, saving you time and freeing up you or your paralegal.
  • Our online client portal allows clients to check on their closing 24/7. All parties in the transaction are kept in the loop through automated status updates, reducing repetitive inquires, emails and phone calls.

The Bottom Line: More efficient real estate transactions aided by technology and the right team, save time, reduce costs and eliminate costly errors. Keep clients and real estate agents updated and happy so they can send you more referrals. Become a better real estate attorney with Clear and Close and Track with Ease. Know that you have a Habitat Abstract behind you as you grow your practice.

Work smarter, not harder. Give us a try on your next transaction. Click here to order a Title or call 888-998-4853.